Max Mallenders work is driven by a longstanding relationship with the environment around him. 

Practicing the idea of unlearning objects, in order to recreate and rethink them to be viewed as new.

It is a responsive and playful exploration of those materials, textures, movements and space that drives his practice. 

Andrew Shaw - Convenience Gallery 



Potholes, London, April 2020.  Instagram

In One Room, Manchester, April 2020 #inoneroommcr


The Future Is, Convenience Gallery, Birkenhead.  2020

This Is What I Came Here To Do, Liverpool.  2019

A Little Painting Show, Liverpool/Salford.  2019

Pile On, The Royal Standard.  2019

Threshold Festival, Liverpool.  2019

YAW residency, Liverpool Independent Biennial.  2018.

Contrast mural festival, Liverpool.  2018. 

Fortune Tigers group show, Berlin.  2013.

Nominated runner up photographic award with Vice Magazine x Kopparberg.  2011. 

Photographic award and exhibition with Vice Magazine.  2010. 

Black Sheep collaborative Exhibition with George Hields,York.  2009.


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